Friday, September 26, 2008

Caving 101 in Gatineau park

Turns out there's lots of little caves in Gatineau park, and we visited this one a couple Sundays ago to do a geocache (what's a geocache?) that happened to be right in the cave (cavers hate that). It was called "GC17Q06 Caving 101" There were actually 3 or 4 geocaches on the way there and while we were searching for one at the outset Tripper pulled that thing he does when he finds it first (which is usually the case) , opens and signs it and re-hides it so he can watch us stumble around.

The trouble is, he stands right near where he found it so we don't go search there, so of course we don't find it(grin). When we spotted that SEG on his face we realized what he'd done and he plead guilty. As it happened, I was below him and he was above me on a small cliff, but his backpack was down here. Not one to waste energy, Tripper called down.
"Can you, uhh, grab my backpack?"

"Sure!" I said as GrizzlyG scooped it up. "Just a sec.. " I whispered to Grizz.
We found some good sized rocks and shoved them in the bottom of Tripper's pack to give him some more exercise on the hike. I think he found them an hour later and called us names. (we'll have to remember that one)...

So we found the cave and Me and Tripper piled in at once. It was a tight squeeze, not for the claustrophobic. We took a pile of pictures and at one point Tripper noticed the little bat hanging upside down on the wall after he almost squished it with his head.

How cool! A little cave with a little sleeping bat! He slept the whole time we were there, not interested n flying away or giving us rabies or anything like that!

There was a small chamber in the back and a little hole to get through to the other side but none of us went in there. It looked like you had to do a barrel roll to get through and I'm not exactly small and had no wish to get stuck upside-down in there in the dark.

More pictures here.

A few weeks later I went to the Lusk caves north of here. Now THOSE are some cool caves!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My New UFO!

It's a model I found online at The UFO Store. It has flashing lights run by a watch battery and it's held together by a magnet that allows you access to the light switch. I painted it up in a Humbrol metallic gun-metal grey colour and polished it.

It should look real good, much better than the two metal bowls duct taped together. See pic on left. (although I still always liked how that turned out. A two minute solution and very campy!).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Costume used in the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax

I didn't buy that did I?


Ok I did. It's a fantastic costume! And I have big plans for it! It was a limited edition, only 100 were made! I had to get in while they still had them!

Too much hoax press can be a bad thing!

How to eat and chew bubble gum at the same time.

This is my youngest. We were sitting down to supper and I noticed that after a few bites, she seemed to be chewing an awful lot.. Recalling that she had been given a hubba Bubba Glop bubble gum two hours earlier, I asked the question..

"Do you still have your gum?

We were eating spaghetti too.

She's my kid. It's a skill....