Wednesday, August 19, 2015

People who watch videos on their phone full blast with no headphones 3 feet away from me are idiots.

Is this a new "I have no self awareness" thing? People watching videos on their phones at full volume when waiting in line at the grocery store, subway, or sitting by themselves at a table in a half empty cafeteria while they are 3-4 feet away from someone like me?


I'm going to do something embarrassing the next time someone does that near me.

"What are we watching? Ohh. old hockey fights? John Leclair and the Legion of Doom? Fascinating"

"So you missed the Video Music Awards live eh? How awesome. Is Justin Bieber presenting?"

 "So the subway guy that used to be fat's a pedophile? I guess it's important to catch up on current events like that in line at the express lane at the IGA."

"That sounds like a fascinating Japanese Anime. I especially love the pumping Japanese glam metal soundtrack. It's so helping me choose my sub's condiments..."

(To the stranger in the cafeteria after I pull up a chair and sit down beside him)
"Can you turn that shit up? What are we watching?"