Friday, November 18, 2011

"I wonder if I can eat that human?"

The Coyotes out back were big this year. There's a guy who walks his Golden Retriever out there and I know how big that dog is and there are a few of these Coyotes that appear to be the same size. This guy was trotting in for a better look but took off when I cracked a bullwhip. Everyone once in awhile a pack of them will nab something at night out there and they yip and yap for hours as they gather around the dinner table. Sometimes a fire truck going by at night also sets them off, which is pretty funny (must sound like one big coyote to them).

Coyotes can be dangerous. Check this crazy guy out. The thing is trying to eat him. They are pretty though.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Everyone's first Mistake in Skyrim...

Was mine as well...It goes something like this. "Hey, what's that? A Giant? I wonder if I can kill it?"

Then they take a kind of up-swing with that stick with the large rock affixed to it and you get a great view of Skyrim from space.It happens to everyone the first time they go to do this, so much so that people post  memes on image boards. Skyrim is they best RPG to come around in a long time.