Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Hoax

The body has been thawed and it is a costume. Gee. Didn't see that one coming. And guess what! It's the Horrordome costume! When the photo came out and it became immediately obvious that the suit was the same one on their site I dropped the company a few emails. I've bought a thing or two off there before and hell, I decided to buy this same hoaxed suit for the next Bigfoot movie because I like it so much. When I made mine it was about 3 and a half years ago, and this one's only been out for 2 years. Apparently there are only 100 made so I decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase in case people go crazy and start buying them to put in freezers.

Speaking of purchases, why wasn't
Jerry at the Horrordome contacted about shipping any of his costumes to Georgia in the last year?

A few things I like about their suit, the arm extenders. Very cool, the fake head that is not a see-through mask. One problem I have is fitting my mask to several actors and forgetting to put black eye paint, etc.. This is a fake bigfoot head on a helmet, that turns with the body, no more eyehold issues. Plus it's probably better to breathe in. It will take some acting to make it move convincingly, and good luck running in it like we do. I may keep the two of them and use the first as a "stunt-suit".

Oh well, it was a fun week none the less.

That Police officer that's part of the hoax is gonna be great on the stand when he goes to testify against the guy who supposedly shot him. I can see teh other guy's laywer now. "Are you sure it wasn't Bigfoot that shot you?" What an idjut!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot holds a press conference.

Thank you Gwiliker for that. It made my day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Bigfoot Hoax - Georgia Bigfoot body

I keep hoping that one day this will happen for real, but it ain't happening today (or tomorrow to be exact). In Atlanta Georgia some hunters say they found a dead Bigfoot in the woods and stuffed it in a freezer back at their house. A notorious hoaxer self-appointed Bigfoot expert Tom Biscardi became involved and a photo was released on his site.

He said this thing in the picture was originally in a block of ice (the freezer just happened to break - hoo hoo!) and he snapped this photo and tomorrow (Friday August 15th) he'll have a press conference and let reporters have a look at it as well as some 'scientists". Oh Well. It had promise.

The simple fact that he's involved means this this is a total fake. That and the fact that the thing in the photo up there looks like a certain Bigfoot suit available from The Horrordome website. It is a fantastic suit! I'm thinking of buying that one and the Yeti one for future film projects.

I'll still watch the press conference though! If he gives the thing to a bunch of doctors and they confirm the guts are real I'll flip faster than a flapjack!

Here is an excellent morph of the body face to the costume face by plaidlemur

Monday, August 11, 2008

Now THIS is a funny site.

People post text, photos and videos of their IDIOT Neighbors in action. You can even type in your address and see if anyone has complained about you or someone on your street! Apparently I have two within 1k of me. A post about someone being "deafeningly loud" and an "Enemy of marriage and family" (that is to say, someone who sleeps with already married people).

Check out this meatball with the ATV below. If you go to the site it shows you a google map of the area with the location of the rotten neighbor marked. Pretty funny!

I also liked:

How to wake up your neighbors in the middle of the night

Pam's Barking dogs

Lawnmower man

Stomping Day and Night

Rescuing the impaled Robin

Click on the pic on the left for a closer look (here's a set on Flickr). On Sunday my wife went out to play with the kiddies and she came in and told me to come outside and see something. There on the lawn was a baby robin, just sitting there, with a small stick impaled through it's tiny body. It was pretty freaky because it did not seem to mind being impaled at all. He didn't look to be in pain or shock and darn it, the stick looked "old". Like it had been there awhile. What are you supposed to do?

Ya pull it out! Or not! Oddly enough from watching C.O.P.S. on T.V. (ooh I knew that would come in handy one day) I learned that when a human being has been stabbed, you don't pull the knife or whatever it is protruding from the body because it is actually keeping the blood in. You pull it out and the person bleeds out. So I actually contemplated leaving the stick in and just trimming it a bit but HEY! They poor bird has a stick in him, and he wasn't gonan be seeing the birdy vet anytime soon! I figured it must have been through the meat and not any organs or he wouldn't be so chipper and all that so I put on some gloves, nabbed him with a handy butterfly net and proceeded to pull Mr Stick out.

He made a big PEEP when I did it and the darned stick broke and I had to get the rest from the other side (good thing i didn't trim it). But when it was out I compared the two ends and they matched. Some of the stick looked like skin had healed over on it. I wonder how long he has been carrying that thing in his gut and out his back.

I put him in the garden and he hopped away. he actually came out and sat on top of a rock and looked at us. I think the littel bugger is going to be ok. Soon afterward he PEEPED again and a big Robin (with a full tail, must be mommy or daddy) swooped down and fed him a bug. I heard another peep and there's a bird just like him in teh tree behind me. So it must have been "leave the nest" day and the parental units feed them for a few days to get them on their way.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacation @ Sandbanks - July 2008

This photo pretty much captures the weather we were treated to at least twice a day on our vacation this year. We went to Sandbanks in July this time hoping for warmer weather than the other times we've gone in August. Instead we got rain. Buckets of it! It was still loads of fun though.

One day after a particularly righteous downpour, we packed the kids in the truck and headed to Toronto to do some indoor stuff at the Ontario Science center and CN Tower. I hadn't been to the CN Tower in awhile and the kids especially enjoyed that one. I liked the very strange Star Trek transporter you have to step through now before you go up the elevator. I saw it and groaned to myself "A metal detector? I'm full of Cameras, Ipods, PDA's and GPS units! This is gonna take forever!". Instead I stepped into this thing, it said to wait 10 seconds and then it started blasting me with air starting at my toes and working it's way up. Lots of air pressure too. It was freaky. It beeped and lit green and I asked the guy as I stepped out what it was for.

"Bombs." He said..

After paying $75 for an elevator ride we ran around on the glass floor and took in the sights. I saw a plane take off from that island type thingy in the bay. Who the hell lives there?

We had good weather about half the time, and the dark rainclouds made for some great sunsets when they finally broke. The pic on the side is the same dock in the lead off picture where my friend Jim is getting drenched.

We went to the sand dunes every day, that's what the place is best known for, and they are pretty cool!

We popped out to a few other beaches and happened across a dead racoon at one of them. dead animals are so much easier to photograph than live ones, none of that running away stuff! It was almost like he was power-tanning or something (except he wasn't breathing.. ).

On the last night of our stay we went to dinner at place called JJ's saloon in a nearby small town. Turns our I knew the night's entertainment, "Louise", local guitarist extraordinaire. We attended a Don Ross weekend seminar in Cannington Ontario a few years ago. Small world! (the guitar fingerstyle world that is). So she made me get up and play a set on her nylon string classical guitar (god but I HATE catgut strings!). Not that she didn't have to twist my arm or anything.

The next day we drove back home (in the rain) and at the two hour mark we stopped a Tim Horton's 401 truckstop. My wife was inside for about 15 minutes. During this time I turned the key in the ignition half-way to roll up the windows. This started the air conditioner which, combined with the GPS, DVD player and Ipod music player sucked the car battery dry in 15 minutes flat leaving us stranded. I emptyed the entire Truck out in the parking lot looking for jumper cables and found none(they must be at home in the garage). I asked 50 peopel if they had jumper cables and then broke down and went to the gas station to buy some. They didn't have any but I made the guy check in the back. he had one pair left and was willing to sell them to me for $54! This isn't a jacked up on the fly price, he scanned them and up popped $54. He used to sell them for $34 but I guess Sunoco or whoever realized that people like me are desperate enough to pay anything.

When we got home we found that the power had been knocked out. So we went for lunch at Quiznos! A few days later my wife found the jumper cables - In the truck, under the spare tire.

Anyone want some jumper cables?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Giant Killer Mutant bunnies.

I put a new geocache out last month. It was called "The Crate" and it was based on the creepy short movie vignette of the same name in the movie Creepshow about the crazed monkey thing in a crate under the stairs at a university. That's Tripper photo shopped into the bunny pic of a real bunny (if you can beleive it). It was hell dragging the damned thing into the woods but it looked real creepy sitting there like that.

Originally I was going to have a mutant killer bunny spring loaded on a bungee cord which would fire the thing up out of the crate when the lid was opened, but field trials proved too dangerous and I scrapped that. I found a creepy bunny at the Salvation Army and made his mouth all bloody like he was a carnivore and stuffed him in the crate. A nod to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

He seemed to go over well. Some geocachers even dressed up like giant bunnies when they did the cache(which I found very creepy - Anyone here play BioShock? I'm gonna have nightmares!).

What the hell am I gonna do for my next one?