Friday, October 28, 2011

Acoustic Guitar video tutorial of John Mayer's live version of "Neon" from Where the Light is with TAB

I finally got around to making a video tutorial off my TAB of this cool piece I transcribed back in December 2010 after going on Youtube and seeing countless people butcher the thing. (see previous post here).

First off, the latest tab is here

This is the video for the Intro:

This is the video for the middle part:
And this is the performance it is taken from.. Awesome stuff!

Bluesfest storm broke my tree

That big storm that chased "Cheap Trick" off the stage at Bluesfest this summer minutes before it collapsed also snapped the trunk of the tree in my front yard. I tried re-seating it and propping it up with straps (most of the roots were still intact, it had developed a root collar from being planted too deep) but it wasn't going to work. Thankfully we had some friends with lottsa land and we went and picked out a tree. At first I was looking at HUGE trunk diameters but then quickly realized that if the tree was going to be removed by hand, it was gonna have to be of the Charlie Brown variety. Maybe we can give it tree steroids this spring....