Saturday, January 24, 2009

U-Haul sucks (as does STINSON FUEL 3934 Innes Rd)

I talked to a lot of people before I moved. One common thing I heard over and over again was "The moving company gave my truck away!". Well, no way was that gonna happen to me!! I reserved one, one month in advance from:

3934 Innes Rd,Orleans, ON K1C1E7 (613) 830-2549

This was before I found out that they were as useless as an inflatable blow up Santa doll. Their main thing is selling gas and using binoculars to spy on their mortal enemy, the ESSO station up the road and they should really just stick to that. I hit the U-haul website a month before my move, found the closest place and called them to reserve a 26 foot truck. I even called 2 days before the move to reconfirm my booking. I offered to pay over the phone with a credit card, they said no, pay when you pick it up! When I showed up at 9:00am Saturday to pick it up I saw a guy jumping into the 26 footer and thought "Wow, they're warming it up for me!". I went in the little gas bar to pay for it and looked up just in time to see my 26 foot truck rolling out of the lot.

I looked at the bundled up middle eastern gentlemen behind the desk and said in a worried tone:
"Was that the truck I reserved I just saw leaving?!"

He looked at me and said.
"No, yours broke down!"
"I haven't even told you who I am!"
"Is broken down!" he insisted
I looked in the lot and there was a 10 footer covered in snow. It looked like it could be broken down.
"No, THAT little bitty one looks like it's broken down, mine was 26 feet long and it just left. Did you give my truck to the guy that rented the smaller truck?"
He looked at me. I was (*&(^&%(*& livid.
"Show me your reservation book. My name should be in it!"
He shuffled through some scraps of paper, some of which blew outside as someone came in the gas bar. That's their reservation system. GREAT!

Then the guy LEAVES! He sells some cigarettes to the guy and then runs outside and starts pumping gas for someone while I'm standing there trying not to explode.

IDIOTS! I thought. It's probably not even the guy's fault that he's an IDIOT! H
e just gives the trucks away to whoever shows up first. Guess i shouldn't have detoured to Tim Horton's to get donuts for the guys eh?


So he comes back in and I say "Look, if you gave away my reservation, can you call your boss because if you've screwed me I have to know in the next 2 minutes so I can get out of here and find another %$#*&^#$ truck!"
He picks up the phone. Has a heated conversation in Arabic
and hangs up.
"Is broke down!" he says again.

I immediately turned and left before I said or did something nasty (or both). I screamed the F word at the top of my lungs all the way back to my car in the Walmart parking lot (apologies to the early bird shoppers). I had a pile of people showing up at my old place in 30 minutes to move my stuff and I had no truck.

I phoned 4 places, no trucks.. The 5th place, HERTZ, had a truck and saved my ASS!!!! By 10:00, only 30 minutes off schedule, I was backing it in my lane way. Thank got it was a cold Saturday in January and not the end of the month!

I have yet to go tell STINSON fuels what I thought of them that day, but I've learned my lesson. Don't rent a U-Haul, and don't rent from a gas station, and somebody at STINSON FUEL is an IDIOT!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I moved eh?

About 990 meters from my old house. My postal code changes by 2 digits. The kids schools are the same. We have a newer house that we'll actually do nice things to (Hardwood floor, ceramic, new carpet, basement offices, new kitchen, bla bla). We have no backyard neighbors!!! (except for the small furry mammal kind). We have a view!!!

It's all good!

But moving is HELL!!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped out! (notice I didn't let them touch my guitars)

The packing experience was quite interesting. I never knew I had so much weird shit in my house. Of course, I took it all with me. You just can't get weird shit like that anymore.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indian names

You've all heard stories about native American Indian names like you see in the movies. "Dances with Wolves", "Eagle Soaring", "Two dogs %$*&ing" that kind of thing.

It was was Native American I'm convinced my Indian name would have been:

"Did you fart?"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Funny Random cat photos

I don't really like cats. I have a healthy respect for what killers they are, but I get the feeling they don't give two hoots about us humans as long as we feed them and change their poop boxes.

having said that, here's a website with really funny cat photos.