Friday, December 23, 2005

Trailerpark Geocachers Meet Bigfoot

For a few days last July and October some freinds and I got together at a local trailer park and later in the woods to drive go-carts, get chased by Bigfoot, attacked by small rodents and space aliens, all in order to make a film.

(Right click and save target as for the movie links)

The Movie Trailer was released in November 2005. The movie itself was finished it up a few weeks ago, you can download it here (200MB vid file playable in Microsoft Media player). It's a flick about geocaching, a favorite hobby of mine, for more info go check out

They say every director has about 10 bad films in them. Well here's 2 down 8 to go!


Here's a Youtube embedded version of the Trailer


Tripper said...

This is an awesome movie. And that Tripper dude looks awfully familiar.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Movie....

think it should be nominated for a Golden globe award...


Anonymous said...

so when is the next one?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, I loved it. Can't wait for part 2. Looks like you guys had fun, the tinfoil hat(s) were perfect LOL. Hope you guys will continue to entertain.