Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why do people take naked photos of themselves?

...and post them on Flickr? It's not that I don't mind and most of them are incredibly tasteful (check out exhibit B to the left), it's just that I don't really 'get it'.. And it's usually girl's that do it.

When you go on flickr to organize your own photos, it shows you the last 4 you uploaded, the last 4 any of your contacts uploaded, and then the last 4 uploaded to the site in general(and these photos are from everybody and anybody). These are where I sometimes run into the interesting ones, although some get forwarded to my attention from time to time. Now I know how huge the pornography industry is, I keep saying at work we should survey it properly as a business because it's "huge!" from what I hear, but Flickr is about sharing your photos with the world all free and everything (although there might be some adsense goin' on).

The thing that I think first is, "Your whole office is gonna know what your butt looks like naked!" , or your wife's butt, or whoever you manage to talk into a semi nudie shot.

Weird.. Nobody's forcing me to watch, but I click on them anyway. Kinda like when you pass a car-wreck, you just gotta look. My friend Darryl used to say "I'd roll down my window and ask the cop if he could pull the body over closer to my side of the road so I could see it better.. "..

Ah well. Check it out sometime, you could spend all day there.. The photo above is from someone who calls themselves Tetheredtothesun (a pretty good photog if you ask me).

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lenzspot said...

When I added you as a contact in Flickr I saw that this was one of your contacts. I said "what the ...."