Monday, February 26, 2007

Goalie Fight! Sens and Buffalo

Ray Emery rocks! I haven't seen a goalie fight in ages! Personly I think the Neil hit was fine. If someone wants to make a pass and admire it for a few seconds in the offensive zone then some guy just might finish his check on you. Keep your head up!

Check out the vicious cross checks on Spezza and the Heatley mugging on the next face off! I thought it was cheap for Peters to try and fight Emery after A) he just fought Biron and B) Emery's a goalie and is wearing three times the equiptment a skater does. Peters said he was coming to the defense of his goalie. Yeah, well Peter's goalie is the one who left his crease and skated over to Emery (because he wanted to get himself knocked out I guess).

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