Monday, March 03, 2008

"My sister's the Devil!!"

My eldest kid told me straight out the other day that her sister's the Devil. I told her she was mistaken, and just because her little sister breaks her stuff sometimes, it doesn't mean she's the devil or anything.

"She is the Devil, I know it!" She said, unconvinced.

I tried logic.

"I don't see any horns on her head, and she doesn't have a little red pointy tail or goatskin pants.." I told her.

"SHE IS!!!!!!!" And she stomped off to draw stuff and cut up paper

A little while later I caught her trying to glue something onto her little sister's butt. Here is a photo of the first attempt. Apparently one of the wings looked more like a foot so she started over.

Her little sister didn't seem to mind having horns, red wings and a pointy tail glued onto her.

I'm going to teach the youngest to say:

"I'm the Devil!!!"

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Tripper said...

That's too freakin' funny. I love it.