Monday, April 21, 2008

Luskville Falls April 2008

Last Monday August 21st we went up to Luskville falls in Gatineau Parc. I joined Kenmore, Trip and Grizz for the 3rd or 4th semi-annual trek and we climbed to the fire tower and did a few caches along the way (and GrizzlyG celebrated his 500th!)

There was still plenty of snow and the water was moving fast but we reached the top eventually without issue. As usual I packed way too much and was sucking oxegen the last few 100 m of elevation or so.

We climbed the Fire Tower as is our tradition, and I can add that, after my recent french training, I now know that the french sign on that thing says "Stupid english people, do not climb!". Unfortunately we only noticed after we had made our climb because the hole in the fence someone had cut was way on the other side.

On the way up we heard this strange sound of banging metal and Tripper said "What is that, a retarded woodpcker?"
And as it turns out.. it was! I snapped it's picture. It was pecking the metal struts looking for a snack. I don't think it was going well because he flew off try try some other big structure also not made out of wood.

We took a break at the Tower, broke out the refreshments and the guys made what I can only describe as a caveman fridge for their warm beverages(see following post.)

All in all a splendid day.

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