Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy's still got it. At the ripe old age of 65 Harrison Ford still pulls off the Fedora and Leather jacket routine and makes Indy 4 an orgy of scenes to Indy fans everywhere. I was lucky enough to attend a sneak preview on a ticket from a guy who won the hot 89.9 Biggest boulder contest (he built a ten footer from PVC tubing and lots of tarps. How come I don't find out about these things? - probably because I don't listen to that crappy station! ). A fellow Indy connoisseur, Indiana Rob knew the boulder guy and got a ticket for me and he, Kirok and company all took it in last Wednesday at the Silver city.

In a nice little promo, they had Ray's Reptile's at the theater, and they brought with them all kinds of creepy crawlies Speilberg is known to feature in the Indy films. It actually explained the fact that we saw all these guys going into the theater dressed like the Crocidile Hunter ( I thought they were just confused about the Indy 4 look - not shorts long pants! where are your leather jackets! You need a fedora, not an Australian outback hat!). They said before the film started that anyone who wanted to could come up and handle the creepy crawlies. I was the first one down!

I'd never handled a scorpion or tarantula before! After signing a waiver (that basically said if any of these things bit me and I died it wasn't Ray's fault, my estate had to sue the arachnid I guess), I got to play with s big scorpion (bigger means less poisonous in their world), a big Boa Constrictor snake, and a palm sized tarantula (they are incredibly light for their size). None of them were in a biting mood.

Just before the feature got underway the very pretty Hot 89.9 radio DJ asked if there were any people dressed up as Indy in the crowd, and to come on down for some free movie posters and stuff. Indiana Rob was up and down in front of her in seconds flat, bullwhip in hand, which he cracked, almost taking the face off of another DJ who was standing in back of him (hey man, she was IN THE TRAIN TRACKS!). Luckily she was not hit and probably did not know how close she came to getting so(hehehe, Indiana Rob is lucky like that!).

The film was GREAT! Everyone has probably heard by now that it features space aliens, and it works beautifully! That kid from the Transformers movie does a great job and so did the cute elf from Lord of the rings as a dominatrix soviet agent. The neat thing about the flick is that they had Harrison Ford act his age. It kind of makes you wish he had done a few more films in his 40's and 50's though. The ending was very cool, and there were so many exciting scenes you were forgetting them by the time you got to the end. I'll have to see this one again soon. (and again, and again!)

The next day Rob was in the paper decked out in his Indy gear. Cool article, Kirok scanned it here, check it out!

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