Friday, July 04, 2008

Trailerpark geocachers meet Bigfoot 2 SPX work

Work continues (sigh) by my editing team of one (ME!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA) as we add smoke, fire, explosions and other particle effects to the shots that require them. We have Tripper running around with a Bazooka in this one and it's great fun to animate the various firings and shells whipping by and exploding into things etc. It's all 2D effects and in some cases I try to make them look 3D by growing them as they appear to get closer to the camera POV.

The great thing about doing them on this type of movie is if they look great, then that is fantastic! And if they look cheesy - THAT WORKS TOO! I can say i did it on purpose. In fact, I'm saying it now!

Take a peek! These are two 16 second clips, not cut right, but they show some of the particle effects as they blend into the real environment. It should be obvious enough but none of that smoke or stuff is real. The effects were done in Particle Illusion and composited in Adobe After Effects. I had to match move and offset each effect by hand in all cases because I'm a sucker for handheld footage (I'm a masochist). You can use AE to stabilize footage but there wasn't a need here.

In some cases the raw footage extends beyond the special effect which ceases to become active but that is just a timing thing. You give yourself some slack room to work with in case you want to speed up or slow down that bazooka shell, etc. These clips are silent but sound will be a big improvement to the overall effect. These clips show me, Bazooka Tripper and Kirok as Bigfoot. The scenes were filmed by Kenmore, Gwiliker and myself.

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