Friday, October 24, 2008

Naked guy windsurfing in the woods

So I was out geocaching last month, and I turned around and thought I saw a naked guy. On a wind surfboard. In the woods.

I kinda stopped what I was doing and crouched down to hide, just in case it was really a naked guy. I don't want to run into a naked guy in the forest. The only worst thing than running into a naked guy in the woods is running into a naked guy in the woods with an axe (that's another story).

The guy was standing pretty still, like he was doing the same thing I was doing, probably afraid of running into a fully clothed guy in the forest (you know how those nudists are). But something was fishy, so I crept closer. He looked like some sort of long-haired hippie. He was oddly familiar.

Turns out it wasn't a naked guy in the woods after all.

I got a picture with him. He never did say what he was doing out there in the middle of the woods...

I also found a garage door opener! How do these things make it out there?

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