Monday, December 15, 2008

Mysterious sounds at the office...

Never a dull moment in our office. Last week OC Transpo bus drivers went on strike, which I'm speculating may have led to the following situation where I work.

Mysterious sounds were emanating from a corner of the office that Wednesday. Someone came out into the hall and said "What is that?"
There wasn't a consensus as to the possible origin of the sound.

"It sounds like someone writing on a whiteboard with a marker.."
"No, it sounds like a running shoe rubbing against a kick-plate.."
"Naw.. it sounds like a bird..."


We have little birdies in our office. It's supposed to be a secret but the constant chirping is kind of giving it away. I haven't verified this (and won't bother to - because it' a secret) but I suspect that because of the OC Transpo strike, a volunteer can't come by the place these birds usually stay and feed them the frequency they need to be fed during a normal workday, so someone had to step up and take care of these poor orphaned birdies.


Never a dull moment in this place(grin). That damned OC Transpo union. Add little orphaned birdies to the list of those they've inconvenienced.

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Evolving Squid said...

Think of them not so much as birds, but evolved, small dinosaurs :)