Monday, May 03, 2010

TPGMBF3 test footage tank 01

I had a few minutes this evening and managed to shoot some test footage I had bouncing around in my head for the next TPGMBF movie (part 3 if anyone's counting). I hopped on my bike with the camera on a monopod and filmed some front and then side video on my street. I reversed the frontal (you can hear me talking backwards on-camera) and then shot footage of my remote control Sherman tank in front of an outdoor  green screen. This certainly fixes the lighting problems. You get a good match if you can do it in the same conditions as the background footage.

I shot some pilot footage and jammed myself in the turret and match-moved it to the tank. The next test I'll try to rig a point of reference off the camera to mo cap and slave the tank object too so it behaves itself in the frame. And then match the speed better. The treads are flying but my bike wasn't all that fast.

Corney but I think it's gonna work. I picture a scene with like, 4 of us hanging out the cockpit somehow.

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