Sunday, June 27, 2010

RCA SPS 3600 - How to set the damned clock when you've lost the manual.

RCA SPS 3600 Kitchen Radio with CD Player and MP3 Docking Station

We bought one of these things last year. We needed a under-shelf mounting radio/CD/MP3 player for the kitchen and this fit the bill. The manual got eaten by wild Jackalopes and the clock has been wrong for ages since our self-induced power failure last month so I went online to look for the manual in PDF form. NADA! ZIP! RCA's web site doesn't have it. The Yahoo site that stores manuals has a broken link and I don't trust that instruct2 site that promises to send you a link to the manual after you provide them your email address and other stuff.

So I looked for the previous model (3200). Same deal. Nothing. Why every company in the world doesn't put all of it's manuals on the Internet in PDF form is beyond me. Then it was time to revisit the first option I had tried and failed at, trail and error. Push every combination of buttons on the thing alone and in series, powered on and powered off until you magically stumble upon the combination you need. In most cases they are spread apart so that even client's with ham hock fingers can do it! And after a few more minutes, here's how you set the damned clock when you've lost your manual (posted here for all the other poor consumers who need to know).

Turn the unit off by the console (display will dim but you can still see the time) and hold the MEM button for a few seconds. Display will flash and then you can change the Hour with the CD Track Reverse button and change the Minute with the CD Track Advance button (those are the controls to the right of the unit between the "+" and "-" volume buttons). Then Press the MEM button one last time to lock in the setting.


RCA sucks for not PDF'ing this manual online.


Mike Butler said...

Thanks. Yeah, I lost my manual too. At least your post was fun to read :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the info...and the laugh. It was just what I was looking for.

Ben said...

Zartimus, I love you.
You are my hero.

Scott said...

My hero! Thanks for this, especially the title, since I was on the Internet and thinking, "How do I set the damn clock when I've lost the manual?" :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the info, You saved me a lot of time I would have spent looking for the manual.
The unit was given to me without one......Much appreciated!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so've saved us from another frustrating morning of trying to set the damned clock.

Steve said...

Thank you, thank you! No my wife will leave me alone.

Anonymous said...

Omg thank you !!!!

Anonymous said...


thanks, you saved me the price of a new radio and a kitchen window!