Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2nd time "Big Mike" tried to kill me in ECMS grade 7

My wife asked me tonight if I knew her new Director, because he grew up in Blackburn Hamlet, and went to EMCS (Emily Carr Middle School). Alas, I did not, but for some reason I was reminded of the 2nd time "Big Mike" tried to kill me at that school. It was 1981 or so and "Big Mike" was about 6 feet tall back then (he'd probably have been 7 feet tall if he hadn't smoked so much). He was huge, with facial hair and he always wore the same jean-jacket and blue t-shirt, which was a real help because you could see him coming from a mile away and could get the hell outta his way! I suppose he was in the eighth grade again, possibly for the 3rd time, and I was in grade seven.

It was a Friday and my fellow student and arch-nemesis Peter Huckalak and I had gotten a detention again. The way it usually went down was that he'd start something (he'd test how gravity worked by pulling my chair away as I was in the process of sitting down), and I'd retaliate (drawing a naked woman on the cover of his math notebook) and we'd both get a detention. Sounded fair to me although I'll always wonder what the hell the teacher thought I was doing on the ground with my chair in Peter's hand. It's not really my fault I sit next to a sociopath.

When detention was over, we went to our lockers. The school was pretty deserted except for the odd teacher and school custodian. At Emily Carr the lockers are located just as you exit the building slightly below ground level, that is to say, the windows in the locker room are like, 8 feet off the ground and end at the ceiling. Outside, the windows start at ground level and look out onto a grassy hill of sorts. It has a weird effect such that, if you are inside the locker room looking up out the window, and another student is outside, sitting on the hillock leaning against the window, you see their butts, backs and upper torsos. A lot of students sit against these windows and pay almost no attention to the people inside.

So, as we were getting our Adidas(tm) bags out of our lockers Peter taps me on the shoulder and points up at the window near the ceiling. My Lizard brain gave me a start as I caught the distinctive shape and color of Big Mike and his nicotine encrusted jean jacket. He was sitting outside against the window with a girl, making out with her. I noticed that his hand had made considerable mileage up the front of her shirt. I grinned at Peter. It was the thing to do when you're 12. They didn't seem to know we were there (school had been over for almost 45 minutes). Peter was  a lot of things back then. I wouldn't call him my friend because we fought so much (fisticuffs), nemesis was a better word, but he was extremely intelligent and a hell of a funny guy, and I respected that. So it didn't surprise me when Peter made an animated shushing motion, picked up a nearby chair and carried it over to the lockers on tiptoe, directly below where Big Mike and the object of his affections were seated outside on the other side of the window. .

He climbed up on the chair quietly and leaned over so his face was almost touching the window. He looked back at me and stuck his tongue out and pretended to lick the window right behind the young (13 year old?) girl. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I almost killed myself trying to keep quiet and not break out in gales of laughter. Then he started to make make-out faces on the girl's side, pretending to grab her butt through the glass while giving Big Mike the middle finger with his other hand behind Big Mike's back. I was ready to pee myself! Big Mike and his "date" were so busy doing what they were doing they had no idea they had an audience.

At this point I picked up a chair and quietly set it down beside Peter's and stretched up to the glass to watch this freak show. Man, they have no idea we're here! Crap Mike looks like he's in his 20's. What's this girl see in him? How can she suck on his face like that when he has that frickin Zombie case of acne (yes I was that close). All of a sudden I heard a super-loud "WHAP!" and time slowed down like it does in the movies sometimes.

I turned around and the thing I noticed in the first millisecond was that Peter was no longer perched on his chair beside me. In fact I saw him disappearing around the corner back into the classrooms in a blur of motion. Near the edge of my field of vision I saw something spinning around on the ground like a top. It was a tiny bottle of liquid paper. My Lizard brain roared! Peter had snuck off his chair while my head was turned towards the action and whipped a bottle of liquid paper at the window so it would make a loud noise and he took off so that.... My head snapped back..

Face to face with "Big Mike" and the girl on the other side of the glass. He did not look happy with me at all. In fact, he looked quite cross. I can still recall to this day his purple-faced rage and the slow motion movements of his lips as he formed the words "You're &$%&* DEAD". At this point, the absolute worst time actually, my STUPID sense of humor caught up to the lighting fast situation and I actually cracked a smile at that point and thought
"You know, that was really funny! Peter got me goooooooood!".
I guess that didn't look so good on the other side of the glass because Big Mike appeared to take this badly and shot up in a Beserker rage and ran around to the locker room entrance to make good on his declaration to KILL ME!

I jumped/fell off the chair and ran back to my locker (whose contents where strewn across the floor, Peter wanted to make my escape more interesting by increasing the level of difficulty! (the fucker!). I was all set to leave all that crap on the floor and just disappear - maybe into the ladies room (he's never look there would he?) when I heard Big Mike outside raining fists on the outside doors which lock after the school day is over THANK GOD! I looked at my books and notebooks on the ground and realized that MY NAME was in most of them. Can't have that sitting there for him to find!

It was the fasted locker clean up in ECMS history. Big Mike stopped trying to punch the doors off their hinges and it was quiet all of a sudden. I once saw Big Mike put a roll of pennies in his fist, wrap his fist up with black electrical tape , and punch out a bunch of portable windows one lunch hour. I honestly wondered if he carried stuff like this with him and was gearing up. I grabbed my gym shirt, closed my locker and ran into the inner classrooms to leave by the front of the school where there may be teachers or police or national guardsmen or something. I pulled my glasses off, put the white gym shirt on, tried to frig my hair up and left by the front of the school as nonchalantly as I could. I made for cover and took a round about way home (you never go straight home after a death threat).

Turns out Big Mike didn't recognize me as the idiot behind the glass that day (not that I gave him the chance) and I managed to keep out of his way for the rest of the school year.


Anonymous said...

Mike's last name was Davidson? He ran with a guy name Sean Irish later on? If so that dude picked on me hardcore because I happened to be the biggest grade 7 student in the school, and he should have been half way through High school by then, lol. I never showed fear and didn't back down and it drove him nuts. He got in trouble once when he shot me with a BB gun, turns out that his dad was a police officer and the bad publicity worked its way to his dad's supervisor. I never had a problem with him after that.

Mr Cummins, Mr Bidal, Mrs Vranna etc all kept a close eye on him. They've all passed away now, sadly. Memories...

Anonymous said...

So Holy Shit, It' Davison dip-shit!
The Person you speak of in you wildly creative story is Brian.F and Carole Ginger.
I take acceptation to your description of Brian, he was a little twisted,but had a heart of gold. He crushed more bullies then bullied! Unless you you were a snot nosed nerd that enjoyed fucking with people then hiding behind a skirt!
Please get your facts correct, oh and it was only one window, and it had to do with a break-up!
Fuck off GOOF, Mike J Davison, any questions 250-591-3802
RIP Mr Cummins

Anonymous said...

Oh and the only person I ever bothered was Frank Chabot, cause he was a serious Assclown.
Don't feed the Bears!!
Love Mike Davison, Hope all that I met and knew at EC are they were fond times! And no I sold the last gram at lunch!!lol

Zartimus said...

I'm not sure if that is the right name.

He didn't have a heart of gold when he dealt with me. He acted like an asshole and bullied the shit out of people that were smaller than him and accidentally happened to get in his way.

I'm sure he had some excuse, he was beaten as a child, and it was horrible for poor Mike. He, along with anyone else who bullied me before I grew a foot or two and the bullying mysteriously stopped because it was no longer gonna be "easy", are lucky I didn't know then what I know now.

I would have organized my tiny bullied friends into a militia and zerged the un-godly fuck out of any "bully" that pulled that shit. I'm talking hospital. I look back on those days and can count 10 small guys getting bullied by the same one big guy and smacking my forehead that we never just took care of it that way because we were all scared little shits.

Maybe it's better that way.

Zartimus said...

>Oh and the only person I ever bothered was Frank Chabot, cause he was a serious Assclown.

I recall him too. French guy with dark Hair. Later in life I figured he would get his in the prison shower or something, Karma and all that being what it is.

Zartimus said...

Oh and it was not Mike Davidson. He never bullied me. In fact I may have run into him at a funeral for another Mike a few years back.