Friday, March 04, 2011

More Guitar Riff of the day for a year - Feb 2011

I'm still slaving away at my Guitar Riff a Day project although I'm slow in getting them off my composing rig, onto the PC, into Soundcloud and up on the blog. So far it's still fun and the next time I need some music, I cam comb through 365 of these. There's bound to be a few keepers. It's the monkeys writing Shakespeare technique!

GROTDFAY 169 2011-02-02 by zartimus

GROTDFAY 170 2011-02-03 by zartimus

GROTDFAY 171 2011-02-04 by zartimus


Anonymous said...

Your first riff is very Neu! Well done.

Anonymous said...

First Riff is just like Neu! as well. 9/10.