Friday, January 16, 2015

The luggage incident...

Last Sunday my wife was away all day Scrap-Booking. My youngest had a play date and later that afternoon, when the other parent came by to pick up their kid, my daughter asks:

"Where's Mom?"
"She's scrapbooking." I said.
"Then why did she have luggage with her?" She asks...
(This is in front of the picking up parent)
"That's not luggage, those are scrapbooking totes, they look like luggage." I explain.
"I know what the other things are, she had luggage!" She insisted.
(The other parent is looking around wondering how quick he can pick up his kid and get out of there)
"They're totes, don't worry about it, say good bye to your Freind.." I say.

They leave and I think, wow, he must think we're getting a divorce (grin).... That's funny, I'll have to tell Julie..

Later on in the week, I see the other parent while we were picking up the kids after school and he looks at me and gives me that thumbs up "Is everything ok?" look but I didn't remember the Sunday thing and had no idea why he was looking at me like that so I gave him a weird look and he kinda nodded at me knowingly.. Dammit, he thinks I have marital problems (grin)..

So today I run into him and he kinda looks away as we pass in the hall (doesn't want to make me feel bad(grin) and it hits me..

Last Saturday night my wife came home with new luggage she had just bought as a gift. It was her best Freind's birthday and she was also booked to go down south and the luggage was a birthday present my wife was going to give her at the scrapbook thing. I helped her figure out how to get into the TSA locking mechanism that night and totally forgot about it. SHE DID HAVE LUGGAGE!

So my kid had it right all along. Now how do I go about explaining this to my kid's freind's parents so  they'll let her come over on future play dates(grin)...

No one wants their kid over at someone's house in the midst of a messy separation.. Oh well.. Let the rumour mill fly.. Damned luggage..

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