Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chucking the Christmas Lights 2006

We put the Christmas lights up this weekend. I like to use the word Christmas because lately, it's been deemed semi-offensive at my place of work and we are encouraged to say "holiday" lights lest we offend anyone who doesn't happen to be the same religion. It's real funny to me since it's tied with Halloween as my favorite holiday and I'm not religious in the least. As far as I'm concerned, you can tell yourself that most of the religion has been completely commercialized out of Christmas. On another note, no one scolds me for saying Happy Hanukkah or Happy Ramadan or any other holiday I happen to catch on to. Call it for what it is.. "Season Greetings" my butt....

I've worked with people who have told me they are offended by the word Christmas. To them I say it's probably time to move then. Tolerance and compromise is to be appreciated these days. It REALLY irked her off that it was an official federal holiday and that the calendar started on that Jesus guy's birthday(grin).

Oh well... Can't please everyone. Might as well cater to the 99.9 % who like getting presents. (PRESENTS!!!!!).

I saw some guy on TV trying out a new light installing technique. He got the lights on the end of a long pole and then just whipped them over his head and chucked the lights at the tree where they usually stuck. My wife told me she saw some guy doing the same thing on Parliament Hill or some place.

Hey! It works!!!! (Don't know how I'll get them down though....)

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