Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Playing with an old Sony Nightshot at 2:45 am

For some reason I went to bed at 2:30 Saturday night. I watched the UFC, George St-Pierre from Montreal kicked Matt Hughes butt all over the place and after that finished at 1:30am, I killed goblins on my computer for an hour. As I went upstairs to bed I heard some guys swearing at the top of their lungs outside. I peered out my bathroom window and there was a fight going on in the driveway a few houses down, about 20 kids trying to break it up. It looked like someone was blitzed out on something and was trying to drive home and someone was trying to stop them, I dunno. It was out of control so I called the cops. As I put the phone down, I spied the Sony nightshot cam I borrowed from a guy in my french class. HEY! I gotta try that sucker out!

I really wished I knew what I was doing. I basically took it out of the bag for the first time, set it to night shot (in almost total darkness), and pointed it through my screen window. I had no idea where the manual focus was and I could only flip between 2 or 3 night shots modes. It's a crappy video, but the nightshot mode sure is interesting. Like frickin night vision!! WOOHOO!

I wonder of anyone got arrested. I was filming when the cops showed up. The party broke up and some guys kinda walked away and then hid in my front yard behind some bushes and had a long discussion over who bought the bad X 10 feet from my window. Idiots! I didn't want to look like some kind of peeping freak so I waited them out and closed my window.

(actually, who am I kidding. I AM a peeping freak!)

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kirok said...

When you say "old" Sony, how old? Like, first-gen old? If memory serves, the first gen Sony nightvision cameras could be used to "see through" certain colours of clothing material when used in daylight.

Not that I would ever do such a thing... at the hope volleyball tournament. :-)