Friday, July 06, 2007

Brooke Miller concert - June 30th 2007

My friend Warren put on a cozy house concert featuring Brooke Miller and Don Ross the day before Canada day. What a great frickin idea that was! There were in town for the July 1st celebrations on the hill, why not take the opportunity to do a small show for a few of their biggest Ottawa fans! It turned out to be a sort of CD release party because she just received retail copies of her new CD and does it ROCK! I think it's gonna sell like BEER!

Don was there of course and played a few tunes, which is like going to a Sheryl Crowe concert and having Eddie Van Halen show up and do a few numbers just for fun(in my world at least(grin)). I took the oppertunity to practise my "sans flash" concert photography. I took about 300 pics of which only 17 or so turned out ok. You can see them here.

She did full band workups of most of the tunes which I ended up really liking. My favorite somg of hers is "Country from the Dome car", a tune she wrote while attending a music festival that took place on a train doing a cross Canada tour(Music on the rails or something). The dome car is the one with the big overhead windows on it.
Another tune I like a lot on there is "Hold on to it".

Go to her website and buy a pile! She rocks!

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