Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Foam sword fighting 101

When I brought 2 sets of foam play swords home on Sunday my wife was not impressed. She said (and I quote):
"When I saw those at Walmart I thought to myself, why do they make stuff like that? What kinda crazy person would buy something like that for their kids?"

She had a point.. I started to say..
"Uhh.." (I pointed at myself)
"It makes sense now" she said..

Let me set the record straight. I had been eyeballing these things for MONTHS! 3 years ago I made the same kinda thing out of duct tape and cut in half pool noodles! The kids and I would chase each other all around the house with them! It's F.U.N.!!! Try it!!!!

They're pretty well put together for a $4.97 sword. They can take a lot of abuse! And they do not hurt when you smack someone with them. Sure the neighbors look at me funny, especially the ones in the back that belong to that questionable quasi-cult religion on Innes road (just joking! I'm sure it's an actual cult.) when I'm charging around the grounds running after the kids poking them with my foam cutlasses.

But seriously! Check out the form and footwork on the kids! I took a bit of fencing in high school, Kendo in my 20's and read books about dual scimitar wielding dark elves , but look at them! They're naturals! The lunges, the crosses, the parries, the snaps! They rock!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Zartimus said...

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