Monday, September 10, 2007

Canada wins the junior Super Series against Russia

That was some of the best junior (Canadian) hockey I've seen in my life. It's too bad the big NHL boys couldn't put something together for this remake of the 1972 summit series.
Some things never change though, European officiating still SUCKS! And I still don't understand why in International rules, when a Russian guy pitchforks a Canadian guy in the balls (twice) with his stick, the Russian teams gets a power-play afterwards. And what is with Russia and the high sticks? Brandon Sutter took 4 or 5 in this one final game! If they want to lose, just give Canada the power play, things will take care of themselves! I know the Russians sucked the bag this tourney, didn't win one game, the Russian under 18's from two years ago was proof of that, and this team is all those same kids just two years older. It must be frustrating to play against Canada, and when they get home they'll have to find a hole to crawl into, but HEY, that's no reason to make a guy on the other team who's kicking your ass sterile! It's mostly those two goofs on team Russia with the full face cages too (especially # 27, whoever the frack he was).. .

One of the nicest touches had to be the Canadian Penalty killing. When the other team gets more shots on net during your power-play, you know things aren't going well.

See you at the world Juniors boys! Way to make us proud. I always use the junior team as a measuring stick to see where we will be in a couple of years and man, our hockey future is as it should be!

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