Thursday, September 20, 2007

More TPGMBF2 shooting

I've been busy as hell preparing for Bigfoot 2 shoots, getting ready for my Cannington guitar weekend (and learning french) so I haven't had time to post too much, but last week we did a full day's shoot out at Green's creek for the next movie. It was an eventful day. We met lots of people we could have done without.

First off, as we were setting up to shoot on the cliff over the remains of the old train bridge (decommissioned in like 1937) these two ladies with garbage bags walked up the back path, ignored us and when pressed told me it was TD bank's friends of the earth clean up day. They were hear to pick up all the garbage. Now I'm all for picking up garbage, do quite a bit of it myself, BUT NOT DURING THE SHOOT! Actually they were pretty quiet and didn't yell or scream when they found any especially interesting garbage but we will have to re-do the audio on a lot. About 8 other people funneled down the path with garbage bags but there wasn't that much to pick up and they moved on down the creek and we didn't see them again.

At mid-day, we were down at the bottom of the cliff and I looked up to see two cops looking down on us from about 100 feet away. One had his foot up on the cement barrier and was making the come here sign. "CRAP!" Another frickin walk up the hill, probably the 20th of the day. They turned out to be ministry of Natural Resources guys wearing bullet-proof vests and more pouches on their belts than a Delta Force Operative(why didn't they just try out for the cops?). They wer epretty nice and we explained teh drill. As long as we weren't drinking, breaking trees, or setting things on fire we were ok to continue(they wouldn't let me take their picture).

We had some kids on BMX bikes show up (one of which was the son of a local geocacher) and near the end of the day someone was doing a geocache on the other side of the creek and was watching us for awhile. All in all it was quiet enough to hammer out a great number of scenes.

Man but it was a hard shoot. Next time I'm definitely picking someplace flat! Thanks to Gwiliker, Kirok, Tripp and Grizz for a fine day of shooting. I'm still picking the rocks out of my Bigfoot poo. (Actually I got them all out during my morning break. I had to explain it to my french teacher who is from Rwanda. Apparently they don't make fake bigfoot poo there for fun and pick rocks out of it(grin). )

Oh yeah, Tripper posted a bunch of photos!

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