Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Bigfoot Hoax - Georgia Bigfoot body

I keep hoping that one day this will happen for real, but it ain't happening today (or tomorrow to be exact). In Atlanta Georgia some hunters say they found a dead Bigfoot in the woods and stuffed it in a freezer back at their house. A notorious hoaxer self-appointed Bigfoot expert Tom Biscardi became involved and a photo was released on his site.

He said this thing in the picture was originally in a block of ice (the freezer just happened to break - hoo hoo!) and he snapped this photo and tomorrow (Friday August 15th) he'll have a press conference and let reporters have a look at it as well as some 'scientists". Oh Well. It had promise.

The simple fact that he's involved means this this is a total fake. That and the fact that the thing in the photo up there looks like a certain Bigfoot suit available from The Horrordome website. It is a fantastic suit! I'm thinking of buying that one and the Yeti one for future film projects.

I'll still watch the press conference though! If he gives the thing to a bunch of doctors and they confirm the guts are real I'll flip faster than a flapjack!

Here is an excellent morph of the body face to the costume face by plaidlemur

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