Thursday, April 09, 2009

How big is float?

The other day at work someone asked me how many bytes the float variable type was in VB.NET. I couldn't remember exactly so I did a Google search.

"how big is float"

I didn't get my answer right away, but the 4rd article found caught my eye.

  1. Do Big Boobs Float?

    Ever wonder just how well those big jugs handle water? - 180k -

So. I had to investigate. According to the data, It's not a question of "big-ness", it's a question of "realness" or "non siliconess". REAL boobs float. Fake boobs sink. So pay attention next time you're in the swimming pool if that is your thing.

Yeah for real boobs! I'm not a fan of over-sized fake boobs for the most part. If you unfortunately end up losing one to disease, yes definitely, that I totally understand, but to increase the size of one's breasts to bovine proportions just for us men or self confidence reasons is quite unnecessary. (do they even work after?) .

Oh yeah..

float Data Type

The float type is stored as a four-byte, single-precision, floating-point number. It represents a single-precision 32-bit IEEE 754 value.

The float type can represent numbers as large as 1038 (positive or negative) with an accuracy of about seven digits, and as small as 10-44. The float type can also represent NaN (Not a Number), positive and negative infinity, and positive and negative zero.

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