Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I finally went Wii Wii

So, I joined the rest of the planet and bought a Wii for the family. What a cute little device. It was very confusing at first, almost like it had been built in another country or something, but after figuring out that the ghostly hand on the tv was actually being controlled by the Wii remote it was off to the races! The kids think it's a hoot!

My only problem as I see it is to keep the Wii remotes from becoming embedded in any expensive things I have in the same room as the Wii itself. You need room to use this thing if you're not asking for trouble!

When doing research on this thing, there were tons of time series pictures of fat guys out there getting skinnier working out on the Wii fit device. Man. If I were a fat kid, that would be a sure-fire way to get my parents to buy me one! Try it kids!

I got some kiddie games for the tykes, Mario and the like. They seem to really like the re-make of the old "Punch Out" Game I played for a month straight on the Nintendo when I was floored with mono back in 1988. I was glad to see they also make adult fare. I'm looking forward to hacking up zombies on it after they go to bed.

Just what I needed! More entertainment!

I actually scored it secondhand with a pile of controllers off of Kijijji and within 20 minutes of getting it I went to see this guy, and bought this handy little device that you install between the DVD drive and the motherboard. You have to take your unit apart, which is not the easiest thing to do (triwing screws anyone?). This opens things up a bit and you can get into the homebrew market and also play backups of your discs (if your kids eat/scratch them like mine do/did).

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