Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lady in the van on the 401 wearing the the floppy hat, sunglasses rubber gloves and trenchcoat.

While on vacation last week we passed a van on highway 401 with Missouri plates. The driver was a woman and she was wearing these enormous sunglasses, a big floppy hat, a trench coat and yellow rubber toilet gloves. It was a very hot day, so it was weird.

My wife jokingly said "Check her out, she probably just came from committing a murder or something."

Say!!! That makes perfect sense! (she was probably wearing NASA astronaut diapers as well!) I asked her to take a picture of the weird lady for my blog. She didn't want to.
"C'mon!" I said.
"I'll drive up right next to her and honk the horn so she'll look at the camera!" (which was a joke).
"Don't do that! she'll probably kill us next!".

At this point we were beside her and she was looking at us and she weirded me out enough that I dropped back behind her. A few minutes later she was following us for the next couple of hours, all the way to Richmond Hill.

Let's hope she was just an extreme germ-a phobe and not a good candidate for a luminol test.

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