Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bigfoot scare at Gold Bug

This one's a little late. Back on Tuesday October 6th I got wind that a local geocachers was going for their 1000th find on one of my geocaches because it kinda fit in with her name. It was The Gold Bug geocache which was my homage to an Edgar Allen Poe story I'd always liked..

I was a few weeks away from releasing the next Bigfoot movie so I thought I'd do a little publicity and dress up as the big hairy guy and surprise a bunch of people in the forest. Actually publicity was the last thing on my mind, I just like doing stuff like this!

I packed the suit, bungie-ed it to my trusty old toboggan (this is how I move big things around in the forest like bunny crates and bodies, etc..) threw everything in the truck and headed out with a 15 minute head start.

Being the cache-owner I knew where ground zero was, the path they would follow and the parking lot they would all start at. I parked about 2 kilometers away and hoofed it to the back-end bushwack and arrived pretty early, with about 20 minutes to get dressed and pick a good spot to stand up and be creepy in.

In the end, about 21 geocachers came walking up the hill in a big group, all with their noses stuck to their GPS's. A light raid had started to fall and it was all feeling very surreal.

Congrats to Miss bug of her 1000th find and thanks for doing it on one of my geocaches!

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