Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GAG 14 geocaching event

Dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th in a cornfield certainly brings back memories of when I was 13 years old. Seems I was always dressing up as him and jumping out of the corn on Kemp Road outside Blackburn Hamlet for as many times as I could talk my friends into taking a walk down there after dark.

The last Gag we did was on a Friday the 13th and Tripper and Kenmore wore their Jason Masks so I made sure not to forget mine this time around for GAG 14! If I'm not mistaken, this is the same one from my Voorhees geocache. They come in handy for pokey branches that want to take your eyes out. Luckily no one called the police on us this time as thy cracked their blinds just in time to see three guys dressed as Jason going into the forest.

There were some neat caches on this trip. At one point we figured out the co-ordinates for the next cache in the nice warm Van as Tripper and Kenmore were tossing a nearby garbage dumpster looking for the cache. I learned an amazing cellphone tactic to deflect spousal suspicion. Gwilliker was talking to his girlfriend on the phone (She was googling and Wikiing for us) and at one point he covered the mouthpiece and mentioned how this was going to cost him big-time. He was going to be forced to go see the movie 'Couple's Retreat' with her sometime this weekend.
We all laughed and she heard us when he uncovered the cellphone. She must have asked:
"What's so funny?" and without skipping a beat Gwilliker said:
"Oh Somebody Farted, Ok, next search.. "


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Bryce said...

and i got out of having to see the movie...well, so far at least...