Sunday, November 29, 2009

My stupid GR-500A Casio G-shock watch.

I bought a watch for myself on Father's day this year. How ever long ago that was, it didn't take too long for me to break the thing. This is a rather expensive watch, the CASIO G-SHOCK GW-200A. It's used by some militaries. You never have to buy a new battery (HAH!) because it features a rechargeable solar battery that can (quoting from the manual) "Charge in sun or artificial light to a full charge and the battery will work for11 months even if the watch is placed in a drawer."

Liars! Two weeks ago, when winter kinda started and I started to wear a coat, the watch spent some time under a sleeve and the battery quickly died. I charged it under a light all night but it would only come up to a half charge, and it died again a few days later. What a piece of crap watch! I did some research and this happens in a few cases, and it's the battery that has just gone bad, the CTL1616. So I call up "The Source" and they tell me they have it so I make a trip out to replace it.
Turns out they didn't have it. They had a CR1616, just a regular lithium battery. What the hell, it should work. The girl behind the counter insisted on replacing it and I let her. It seemed to work!

That night I went home, froze my butt off at the Orleans Parade of lights and took a warm bath afterwards - and my nice watch filled up with water. The salesperson at "The Source" didn't put the waterproof seal in right. I saw it sticking out when I inspected the watch closer. It's sitting under the hairdryer now but I don't have high hopes..

I've killed SUUNTRO outdoor watches as well. I am going to re-think my whole outlook on watches. I'm going to buy cheap $20 watches and jut throw them away when I bust them.

I think "The Source" has some of those.....


Kenmore said...

that what you did to your GPS? They don't work well either once you remove the waterproof seal.

Evolving Squid said...

In 1987 my parents gave me a gold watch when I graduated university. In 1988, some asshole stole it from my desk at work (in Ottawa, at DND - really, I thought that in a room full of military officers and civil servants with security clearances that I wouldn't *HAVE* to worry about a watch on my desk for a few minutes) when I was out for 5 minutes to wash my hands after rooting around in some gunk under a suspended floor.

I've never worn a watch since. We're surrounded by clocks - computers, cell phones, GPS, cars, telephone displays... It's easy to find out whta time it is.

I have two pocket watches, and I carry one sometimes if I'm in a suit for some event.