Friday, December 11, 2009

The little Christmas tree contest

We had a little mini Christmas tree decorating contest at work last week. This was my entry.

I didn't win...

I think it's because I've recently moved into a new building, two buildings away from where I used to work and my 70-some co-worker ex-neighbors were too lazy to walk over and see my creation. We couldn't send photos because the whole point of the exercise was to walk over and see the entries in person and get to know the new people in the division.

Oh well.

I think mine rocked!!!

It had Mini me! The Energizer Bunny! A Borg! The Linux penguin, Mr Bigglesworth! Sideshow Bob! The Stanley Cup!

I mean, it didn't have chocolates or creatively bent paper-clips or pipe cleaners or things like that in it like some folks.. But it had class and style..

Wait next year!

It was still the coolest.

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