Monday, March 29, 2010

Sneaky kid trick #16

60 minutes past bedtime, sneak downstairs, quietly belly-crawl into the kitchen so your dad can't hear you (he's busy pouring over a complicated piece of music on the couch), open the snack cubbard, expertly extract the box of Oreo cookies and belly-crawl into the 1st floor bathroom.

Celebrate your successful mission with an oreo double-stuff!

Then, clean up the evidence!


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Evolving Squid said...

Oreos should be kept in the freezer! mmmm! There's no snack awesomer than frozen oreos!

And it's much harder to sneak open a fridge or freezer door :)

Kenmore said...

sneaky kid trick #14... let Dad "discover" sneaky kid trick #16as a diversion which allows you to pull off sneaky kid trick #18 and #23 undetected...