Sunday, March 21, 2010

Re-occurring dream - Phantom of the Opera Sting is trying to kill me again.

Lemon Meringue pie is good dream food. I had my reoccurring  "Sting is trying to kill me!" dream again. Instead of trying to drive me off a cliff in my own truck while he played bass and sang, this time he was dressed up like the Phantom of the Opera. In the dream I was on stage, playing electric guitar (for a change) in front of a huge crowd who were screaming and yelling and suddenly a sandbag on a rope dropped from the ceiling and hit the floor beside me. I looked up and there was that damned Sting again, on the catwalk in a cape cackling maniacally. His Fender Precision bass guitar came out of nowhere and he played it for 3 seconds and it disappeared up his arm like one of those movie sleeve guns. Then he dropped another sandbag. The crowd went wild again, either because the guitar is awesome or they really want Sting to kill me so I stop playing. Someone in the crowd yells "He's behind you!" like they do in Dora the Explorer. (Do YOU see Sting trying to kill you? Say YES!). Actually, I'm looking up and he's above me still (never trust the crowd). Suddenly the crowd fell silent and I woke up to my wife's hair dryer shutting off.

Next time I'm asleep, I told her, put the hair dryer on the floor away from anything flammable and leave it turned on. I gotta get that damned Sting in my dream before he gets me!

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Jason said...

Lol weird dream. Sting will probably kill you. Lol the Dora sarcasm just made my day (it's actually night right now but I was bored so I got on your blog)