Friday, July 23, 2010

When Atheists go door to door

Ahh, the Mormons, to whom I say, when they knock on my door on Saturday morning,

"Hey, I love your commercials!"

"Dad, dad, I got an A!"
"Billy! Don't slam the damned door!"

That's a great one. Ok, he probably doesn't say 'damned' because he's playing a Mormon, but the kids' all excited about doing well in school, wants to show Dad, but he runs inside the house and slams the front door and Dad yells at him, crushing the proud moment he wishes to share.

What that's got to do with being Mormon I have no idea, but I can be nice to my kids and still cling to my world of logic and scientific fact.

It's about that time, after I listen to 20 seconds of their spiel that I start talking to them about Bigfoot, the Patterson film, and I go and get my plaster castings from Bluff creek and see what they think about that... Always fun.

Anyway, this video is bloody hilarious. Thanks to Brooke for sharing..

Did you know your relatives were monkeys? God apparently used 98% of the same DNA (probably to save time on day 5 or 6)! Freaky!

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