Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guitar Riff of the day for a year Blog

After catching a story about a local musician who's embarked on a project to write a song a day for a year I thought I'd try the same thing! A Riff a day for a year!! I tend to do this anyway (I probably have 800 snippits kicking around on old tapes and Compaq flash and SD cards), but the regularity of it will be a challenge.

If I get any really good ones I'll make them into proper songs!

**UPDATE*** I moved the guitar Riff a day for a year posts to their own blog since daily posts of the same type are going to clutter up this one. They can be found here. I'll post a weekly recap.

I'm using Soundcloud to host them but I'll run out of free space eventually. It's a great site to host music though, with a nice built-in player.

As i was creating the guitar riff site I mucked around with the new Blogger template builders and reverted to their tools. Time for a template change. I'll customize it up again when I have time. I really like the GUI though, great color picker.

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