Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Walking Dead - Excellent Zombie fare

Nothing like a good Zombie comic! I have a colleague who is leaving my office to start another assignment within the department but of course they don't have an office ready for her. She's been squatting in her old digs reading documentation the last few days and it looks really boring. So, on my way to a meeting in another building, I dropped off my copy of "The Walking dead - Volume 4" and said, "Check this out! It's the best zombie graphic novel you'll ever  read! (actually I said "Tiens, c'est la meilleure bande dessinĂ©e de zombie que tu jamais lu!" because she's French). She sported me a weird look and I left before she could protest. An hour later on the way back to my office I stopped by to collect it and she indicated that she had already "dropped it off" because we don't share the same taste in reading materials (she really didn't like it, I think she may have carried it back with metal tongs). 
"What's not to like?" I asked. "Did you see the part about the girl in the raincoat with the Samurai sword who walks through the zombie-infested areas hunched over pretending to be a zombie, completing the ruse by leading two zombies around on leashes like pets (whose arms she has cut off so they don't give her any trouble)?"
She shook her head. I continued.
"They're her boyfriend and his best friend who got turned into zombies early in the story . Oops, ex-boyfriend I guess.."
Blank stare...
"Hey in October they're airing it as a TV miniseries, you can catch it then!"

Oh well. Not everyone loves Zombies. Muhahahahaha!!

I'm just finishing up issue 4 where a group of survivors in have discovered a max security prison that turns out to be a great place to hole up from the Zombie hoards. The series is awesome, if you want to pick it up, use the best comic supplier in the universe - Dark Age Comics!/group.php?gid=61008535645&ref=ts

Here's a TRAILER for the upcoming TV miniseries!

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