Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mistaken for a convict again

Last week Jim and I bet our co-worker Jo-Anne that our parking was closer and therefore better than her parking. With the recent changes (privatization and increa$e$) , parking at Tunney's Pasture has become a giant free-for-all.
I sometimes even get the 'Quebec' parking now! These are the prime spots that feature mostly Quebec license plates thus occupied because the owner arrived in that spot at the crack of dawn (interesting stat that) and will depart between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.
Anyhow, to prove our parking was better, I took my GPS out, reset the track log at my car's door, and hoofed it to my building complex. I wasn't stopping for nobody! (I wanted an average walk time as well as distance).
I had gone about halfway when I spotted someone coming towards me in the distance I had taken a course with. She worked at Health Canada I think. As I neared, she stopped and said "Hi".
I didn't stop. I kept going and said. "Hey there! Happy New Year, I can't stop because I have a GPS attached to me and it's recording data and I can't deviate from my path.. Bla bla"..

Something like that...

She got a weird look and stepped back, gave me an up and down glance as I passed and said "Ohh. Sorry." and then "Uhh see ya!".. And turned and left. I waved.

When I got to my door and shut down the GPS (517 meters!), it dawned on my that my old French classmate was probably looking for the GPS I had mentioned. Most likely the ankle kind they give to criminals they let out of jail but still want to keep tabs on.

That explains it. Great.. Now there's a good chance the people she has coffee with think I'm a criminal.

I still haven't measured the distance to JoAnne's parking spot...

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I assumed the "Quebec parking" was a lot IN Quebec which was the closest comparable priced lot to your building...but at 517m you'd have to swim part of the distance.