Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remove ads from RLSLOG.NET

 Tripper told me about WWW.RLSLOG.NET years and years ago. Since then it's been the place where I go to check out what movies, apps, games, etc, have hit "the Scene". It's great for keeping track of what's out there. That leaked work-print of Wolverine? They tell you where to get it, etc. Need to find a utility to convert .MOV to AVI? This is the place! They post an info article about it and then provide links. A review of some new album? They do that too. I check this site every day (I used to that is..)

Back in 2008 they had a bit of a revolt when one of the senior editors got tiffed off his lack of admin privs and left in a huff taking several editors with him. Afterwards everyone said that they left because the guy in charge of the site was all about money and was really piling on the ads to generate revenue. Most of the editors appear to work for free, just to be associated with a major scene blog and there's one guy pulling in all this ad revenue (at 200,000 unique visitors per day). Well I'll agree the ads had gotten WAY out of control. It used to be that you would look at the page and then when you clicked "NEXT" a full page ad would pop up to friggen annoy the hell out of you but you had the option of clicking "Continue to RLSLOG" to make it go away and get to what it was you came to see.l. I don't really give a CRAP about online poker or meeting a naughty friend or increasing the size of my manhood. I could deal with clicking a button.

Well, in the last little while they have changed the ad spam to a 7 second delay type ad. You get to stare at the ad for 7 seconds before you have the privileged of clicking next. Not to mention the fact that if you leave the RLSLOG.NET site up, eventually it pops you into an ad. For people like me whose PC's are on 24 /7 it's pretty annoying to wake up at night because a tab to RLSLOG has been left on and they sprung an ad on me and some girl is yelling at me about how I could meet new friends and change my life on "f&" or some such thing.

Well, I just stopped going to the site. Screw the ad spam. Not worth it. But the trouble was, I loved the information on the site! There had to be some way to block the ad-crap in Firefox. Ad-blockers didn't work, but I found a script that did! It's here:

You install this add-on called "Stylish" and then load this user-style that appears to defeat the RLSLOG AD CRAP!

Happy days. I can go back and read the site without vomiting now! (in the meantime I also checked out


Anonymous said...

Why no try,

You can read all recently rlslog's posts plus a lot of free magazines. More importan MMG has NO AD!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my typo,
It is,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found something that works but ad blockers in Firefox do work......I have never known how bad the ads are on because I was using ad block plus, flash block and redirect remover long before I found rlslog at the end of 2005. So from the get go I was protected from those pesky ads. People I kept referring to rlslog were complaining of all the ads, I would tell them to use Firefox with add block plus, flash block and redirect remover and roughly 90% of their ad problems went away.....not only on rlslog but internet wide.