Wednesday, June 01, 2011

UFC 101 - Remembering Forrest Griffen v.s. Anderson Silva

I came across this great bit with Forrest on a radio show talking about the infamous fight with Anderson Silva. It probably ranks as one of the most extreme examples of a one-sided fight you'll find. I watched that on PPV live and I was amazed at how bad Anderson made Forrest look. I was expecting a real slugfest. Man.. It was so one-sided at the time I thought it looked staged, until I watched it a pile of times. Forrest gets hit again and again and they just take their toll, although the backpedalling jab that finally does him in makes it look all the worse because it looks so harmless. I love Forrest's take on it in the Interview. Every fighter should handle a loss like that. Hillarious! Here's a video of the whole fight.

This photo pretty much says it all. Anderson is looking at him (like Forrest says) and it's like he's thinking "Did You really think you could punch me? What a stupid thing to think. Why would you think something stupid like that"?

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