Friday, May 20, 2011

Darth Vader Urinal gone viral

When I posted the pics of what someone did to a garbage bagged busted urinal at work back on April 20th (our urinal is still busted by the way, one month later!) it went viral very quickly, appearing in a bunch of popular joke websites, all stemming from the originals I posted on my Flickr account.One day it had 3 views and the next day it had 4000. Since then it's been copied and posted around all over the place.

Check it out where it's been by doing a "Darth Vader Urinal" search on Google.It's amazing how these things get around. What's even funnier is seeing all these posts by authors claiming they were responsible for it. At least some of them tagged my name on there. I wish they linked back to the original flickr photo so I could see the counts. A few days after Darth appeared in our can on the 3rd floor of the Main building, people started adding things and changing the captions. I had some pics of the Storm Trooper heads that I didn't post because they were blurry I was laughing so hard. What makes them extra funny is that they match the white porcelain urinals while Darth Vader's is black. Even Yoda was up there for awhile. I think the cleaners didn't get what was going on and took them down.
Thanks to D Dunbar for forwarding these clear shots, taken I suspect by M Savard, and speaking of the real credit, the person who actually taped the vader head and chest piece up on the wall, I think I know who it is but they are not owning up to it!

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