Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ebay Sniping! Dance Monkey!!!!

We were out shopping the other day and I happened to see this Dance Pad for the Xbox at Futureshop for $199 , and I thought.. "Wow, my kid would love that!, But there's no way in hell I'm payin' $199 and tax for that!". When these mats first came out, it was a spin off of the Gamercize craze, to get people off the couch playing videogames and on their feet and moving around (but still playing video games). Sure it's much simplier to go outside and run around, but Xbox is fun, so I'm all for giving it whirl.
Let's see what ebay has to say.
"Wow, here's the exact same thing, in Canada (screw the legalized theft at the border), slightly used but perfectly working for $0.99!

So, I did what I always do when I want to buy something on Ebay. NOTHING! Never let them know you're interested!!!! One guy had put a bid on it, so I googled his other ebay purchases and found out he missed a bid just the other day on the same exact thing (an INTEC G5252, same thing futureshop has on for $199 ). It had been had for $26 US.. not bad.. I figured $42 should blow his reserve auto bid out of the water, so I set my watch and when the bid was just about to end at 8:17 Sunday night, with about 3 seconds to go, I outbid him by 10 bucks. There was someone else who jumped in there too, but Bah! it was mine at $32 US...

SNIPE!!!! (did you know there's software to do this sort of thing for you? Evil!!)

It arrived tonight and I checked it all out, it works fine. I set it up and started to boogie.. My wife came down to see what the hell I was doing and I made her try it( I'm much better at it then she is, but this is nothing to brag about - forget I said it, until they make video-game dancing an Olympic sport in 2018, then watch out!)..

As she went through the tutorial for the 6th time I wondered aloud how much more interesting it would be if she wasn't wearing any pants.. But I digress..

This might be the big hit under the tree this year. Dance Dance Revolution 4, here I come!

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Mark said...

looks like a winner! perhaps you can find a geocaching game for the XBOX, simulate walking around in the woods with this thing, and never leave the house all winter!