Monday, March 02, 2009

GAG 13th on Friday the 13th

Managed to go out geocaching for GAG 13. Friday the 13th! Only trouble was, my Jason Mask was packed! I went with Tripper and he brought his, and Kenmore had one. The hockey masks come in handy for when branches spring back and hit you in the face.

I may have to invest in one for geocaching. In one photo here Tripper is all excited because he found a tree saw in a cache. It went well with his outfit. Bone saw is what it is more likely. We only ran into a few geocachers. We did all the deep woods ones for the most part and it was FREEZING. One had a lake we walked across. I was kinda nervous because I've already fallen through shallow ice a few times this year near the new place, but this stuff was thicker. In any event I seemed to have gone first which I don't understand, because gravity likes me best outta our group.

GrizzlyG joined us for a few to start the night but he had to turn in early because he was carrying the foaming monkey virus or some such thing.

We also found this creepy teepee. We should all go out next time in the Jason suits. It would be much creepier and safer while out in the woods in the middle of the night.

I can see the police report now...