Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tehrankari convicted of murder in sister-in-law's death

Well, Duh!!!

What a waste of time this was. How come this trial wasn't over in about 2 days?

This guy is a f*&king idiot. A murdering idiot as it turns out. No wait, a murderous bank robbing hostage taking idiot from another country. I used to buy gas from this guy around the corner from my place. At the time I didn't know he was the same guy who robbed some banks in the in 1992 and took some people hostage. It happened in the west end when I was going to college and I remembered seeing it on the news that day. The guy in the white trenchcoat and rifle wearing the backpack running all over the place as the police chased him. They should have deported his ass to Iran right then and there but Noooooo. After his early release from prison his soon to be wife and sister in law went to bat for him to fight his deportation. I know hindsight is 20 20 but geez. How ironic that he is convicted of murdering one of the women that got our stupid government to let him stay here in Canada

The guy represented himself, insisted that the jury be made aware of his 1992 robberies and hostage takings and pretty much accused anyone who ever had a disagreement with him as a criminal and a liar. I loved his quotes. Having recently become fluent in a 2nd language I can appreciate the difficulty speaking in your 2nd tongue, still.. He was a dramatic ass on the stand and cross examining people. When was the last time you heard of someone representing themselves in a murder trial and winning?

And that cockamamie story about the guys breaking into his place and poking his prostrate to extract semen to plant on the dead body. This guy obviously saw the Hannibal movie and ran with it. IDIOT! Gee they found my sister in law dead in the bush and there's a big circle cut out of my bedroom carpet and my semen in her body and her blood in my car.

All a big co inky dink, the police are trying to frame me!

"No power on this Earth can shackle my tongue!"

"That juror was dismissed because she knew some woman I took hostage in 1992,”

"And he was milking -- please excuse me -- my penis to get something out of it,"

“This is a life-and-death situation and I don’t appreciate you smiling there!

"No mister policeman, you were very wrong."

"This is what I'm forbidden to tell you," Tehrankari shouted as he was pulled past jurors. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is not justice!"

“I admire his psychic ability.”

“There is a person they found, a very good scapegoat with a record,”

“If I was there, then I am the scumbag who has done this crime. But I am not.”

“I led police to my own semen-loaded underwear. That’s a smart thing to do.”

“You had to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said. “You failed beyond a shadow of doubt.”

You lying Satan,”

“Why are your officers using my head as a punching bag?”

“It is unfair, unjust, I cannot do this,” he yelled at the judge. “Why don’t you just kill me, that is better.”

“I cannot go on!”

“You broke the law sir. You disgraced the law,” Tehrankari said. “You call yourself a judge.”


Michael said...

Excellant use of the word "cockamamie" in your blog!

ps When is the movie coming out?

Evolving Squid said...

I was waiting for a report of his head spinning around like Linda Blair.

The guy needs a hug-me vest and a padded cell.

Kenmore said...

"I realize I shouldn't have represented myself. I know that now. And that was not a hostage taking! I just borrowed him for a little while to do a little show, ya know, play "I like to rock" or that "Diane Sawyer" song and all..." said the guy who will probably get a mistrial on appeal on account of his own insanity...

Anonymous said...

I agree that Tehrankari is an insane murdering criminal bas-ard.

I was lucky to be spared his rantings and ravings as a juror because in jury selection the crown dismissed me as a juror because I stated that Tehramkari's conversion from Islam to Christianity would play no role in how I judged him.

What I don't agree with is that this trial should have take 2 days. If the crime is this bad then the system must apply all due consideration to it, and a long trial is the most desirable as we want to ensure this nut job is revealed to be a guilty as possible. A trial is not just about proving guilt but also deciding what to do about the guilty. For those that would say why are my tax dollars being wasted on this, consider if the case was poorly tried and this guy got off on a techincality?