Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The new backyard in winter, 2009

Well, It's not really my backyard. It belongs to the farmer who owns the Innes road Golfland driving range I think. There's deer that cross by in the morning because the guy leaves feed out for them. It will be fun to walk back there though (when the snow melts), it's full of paths and trails.

There's coyotes too! My next-door neighbor gets up at dawn to watch them and happened to catch sight of a coyote who had figured out that they crossed in back every day at that time. It waited for them and came out of the tree line and bagged one, and spend the better part of the day ripping chunks of meat off of it and running into the tree line to eat it and coming back for more. The land owner came by in a snowmobile later that day and happened to see the carcass and dragged it off to do who knows what with it.

I was out there a few weeks ago and saw a fresh survey stake marker, which is never a good sign. My house is 10 years old, with my luck, the year we move in they'll decide to put a Wallmart back there just for giggles.

This is the view from the kitchen balcony, and one of the reasons we bought the place. No backyard neighbors! Although there are the furry kind of course. Here's a video I made of me torturing the kids by pulling them out there in the 4 foot snow on a sled.

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