Monday, June 01, 2009

Hanging out on the roof! Gutter blockage.

I finally climbed up on my roof to see why one of my rain gutters was full of water and overflowing down the side of my new place all spring.

My roof is very steep in the back so I pulled a shoeless Joe and shimmied out to the edge barefoot to check it out. Turns out there was a blockage in the downspout. I came back armed with that most useful bastion of Canadian home repair, the "Easton aluminum Hockey Stick" and golfed the thing out of there off the second story and into my neighbors back-yard. I thought it was one of those wee little liquor bottles and that the kids of the previous owner (or the previous owner themselves) had climbed out here to have a secret sip and enjoy the view.

Turns out it is some kind of suntan lotion. So they were just catching some rays! (I'd nail the window shut now before my kids think of this but I think that's goes against some fire safety code. )

Now that it's clear I can have delusions of buying this gutter cleaning robot to clean it. Cool!!!


Joanne Barragan said...

A gutter cleaning robot? That sounds cool! It seems that roof maintenance and cleaning are following the techie trend. Not a bad idea. Soon, cleaning the roof and the gutters can be done with a click of a button!

Willene Fagen said...

It is no surprise that manufacturers of home cleaning products are going techie and modern. It will be a huge leap for the industry if gutter cleaning can be done with the help of a better robot – one that you can leave alone to do the job fast and properly.

Lenore Lung said...

It could have been a bigger problem if you did not remove the debris that blocks the downspouts. I think it would be great if you install a gutter guard there. It would protect the gutter and the downspouts from any debris, thus allowing for better flowing water.

Joanne Barragan said...

Have you checked your rain gutters this year? If not, I think you should do it now. Let’s start the New Year worry-free! Take care of everything that needs to be done right away, and enjoy the Holidays with peace of mind - that's what I've always believed.