Friday, June 12, 2009

Witness protection program

When I moved into my new place This year I met a few of the neighbors early on. One such time I was at the "super mailbox" (you know, those big multi-mailboxes they have on the corner so they don't have to deliver to your door anymore?) and I ran into a nice lady who introduced herself. She asked something like:

"What brings you to our lovely neighborhood?" and I said:
"Witness protection program!" as a joke. I thought it was funny because, well.. If you were IN the WPP you wouldn't go around advertising it because Tony Soprano-esque types in waste management would be looking to manage your being wasted.. , but.. I guess it wasn't obvious.

So yesterday I'm, at the grocery store, pushing a cart across the road and a car stopped at the crosswalk beeps at me. I peer into the car suspiciously. It's my neighbor! She said Hi.

I said:

"Gee I'm glad it's just you. For a second there I though 'My GOD THEY FOUND ME'! }"!!

And went on my way..

The plot thickens.

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