Monday, February 13, 2006

Dreaming #78 Sting tries to kill me - Again...

Had a dream last night. Dreamt I was being driven along the east coast of Cape Breton by Sting in an SUV. He had his daughter in the truck and I was in the passenger seat. He kept driving on the wrong side of the road and I kept yelling at him
"We're not in England!!! We're not in England!" and he'd go.. "Sorry mate!" and pull to the right hand side. The whole time this is going on his daughter was alseep in the back seat and suddenly he says "Watch this!" (which is what people in the southern United States usually say just before they die.). He pulls a left off the road onto a big grassy field (easy to do since he was on the wrong side again) and guns the engine and steers the SUV towards a beautiful ocean horizon which is actually this 100 foot high cliff with huge crashing waves at the bottom. Apparently I am ok with this because I say nothing. As we near the edge he whips the wheel around and slams on the brakes sending the SUV into a sidelong skid and I suddenly get what he is trying to do.
He wants to slide skid the drivers side of the SUV up to the very edge of the cliff drop-off and then wake his daughter up and tell her to look out the window (Sting can be an asshole sometimes!). It's not very nice, but it's kind of funny so I'm still ok with it... But!! He screws up his timing and we go sliding right off the edge of the cliff and slowly start to plummet to the water below. We fall for what seems like 5 minutes and I'm thinking to myself, when we hit the water, off comes the seat belt, roll down the window and get out. I tell everyone this on the way down.. A few times actually because we had 5 minutes. Sting is laughing maniacly and saying "Chitty Chitty BANG BANG!" over and over again and his daughter is still asleep. As we fall her hands are drifting upwards in this zero G gravity kinda thing(like when shuttle astronauts sleep).

We hit the water. There are no rocks at the bottom, just cold water and it starts to seep in. It takes me a few tries to take my seatbelt off, and I then wake up..

Never go for a ride in the countryside with Sting in an SUV...

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